Google Curiosities

A retrospect of random knowledge absorbed over the course of a year.

acrylic and watercolor on wood.

Search Log

what’s the difference between a brontosaurus and brachiosaurus
SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket re-landing first stage
global time zones - New Years eve time in Colorado and Hawaii now
how does a blood sugar test trip read glucose - glucose sensitive tattoos
can you smell bitter
what does a sesame plant look like
why do beets turn your poop purple
discovery of a possible ninth planet
what is e
invention of 24 hour day
does Colorado have any wild horses
best bra for backless dress
first time footage of giant squid
names of different types of clouds
what are the true visible spectrum colors of Pluto
smallest genome that can sustain life
origin of the dala horse
how to change your legal name
rules to table shuffleboard
how much do you tip caterers
best beaches in Maine
world leaders with man buns
how to make a Pisco Sour
identify iridescent black and blue fly
what’s a super delegate
why is the zipper called a “fly”
how to tell the age of a fish by its scales
polarized lenses
how to fix a water leak in a Subaru above the passenger’s side foot rest
banded garden spider
DIA conspiracy theories
plural of rhinoceros
how does lichen grow
cost of charter bus to Moab Utah
kosher marshmallows
pronunciation of cashew
origin of “in the lime light”
best time of year to view aurora borealis
longest possible non-stop flight
cancer research with wasp venom
best hot springs in Iceland
new Denver brunch spots
electrical outlets in Iceland
female cat in Spanish
free old English style font download
what is a rhizome network
what are the layers of a pearl made of
jenga rules when you don’t have any move lefts
how many grams of fat in a hot dog
cloud coverage map of Iceland
haddock vs halibut
why does an aerosol can get cold when you spray

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