Bountiful Lines: A celebration of the connections 
between plants, pollinators, and the foods we enjoy

Faith Williams’ geometric designs combine dry-point printmaking and custom plateware in order to create an artistic table set for the appreciation of our foods and their origins. Also featuring handmade pottery by guest artist Carrie Hastings.

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Pollinator Plates: Each plate highlights one food-bearing plant and the specialist pollinator insect

  • Design #1: Squash with Squash bee (Peponapis pruinosa)
  • Design #2: Habanero pepper with Mexican Pitted-Stingless bee (Nannotrigona perilampoides) 
  • Design #3: Blueberry with Southeastern Blueberry Bee (Habropoda laboriosa)
  • Design #4: Apple with Blue Mason Orchard Bee (Osmia lignaria propinqua)

Media: original drawing on custom-printed ceramic plate(10" diameter)

Table Runners: Each table runner design showcases one plant family and the pollinators who specialize in making these plants thrive.

  • Design #1: Cucurbitaceae Family (Squashes and Melons)
  • Design #2: Solanaceae Family (Night Shades)
  • Design #3: Ericaceae Family (Berries)
  • Design #4: Rosaceae Family (Fruit)

Media: drypoint print on fabric (12"x72")

Gallery installation images coming soon.....

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