is a series of multi-media works that explore our capacity to both create and destroy. Despite our ever-increasing ability to communicate with one another, I am fascinated by our societal tendency to build barriers through violence and manipulation. Exploring the effects of our disconnection is the central focus of this series.

My ongoing process of relearning history and evaluating notions of truth led me to consider the disconnection between individuals as a universal human pattern. Through research, reflection, and the process of working with different materials, I grapple with the way history can be revised or recontextualized. Recreating evidence of horrific events encourages the viewer to question the ways in which we repeat what we most fear and despise in ourselves.

Ultimately, I view these works as hand-made memorials to the events and behaviors they represent. The individual processes chosen for each idea correspond to both the subject and motivation of the work, while the personal care and evidence of the hand-made reflects our ability as individuals to create connections.

Hand-altered screen print on paper

Batik on fabric

Bleach onhand-dyed fabric

(c) Faith Williams Art