Intertwined: Reflections on the relationship
of pollinators, native plants, and the effects of our modernized world


Inner Worlds: cyanotype and wood-burning on reclaimed wood, varnish, tubing, hardware, aspen shavings, dried moss. (functional bumble bee habitat). Link to video. 

Life Cycle: watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil on gessoed panel,  laser cut wood, magnets. Link to video. 

Sleeping Queen: Lino relief print on leaf bags, lino carving, gold foil, acrylic. Link to video. 

Biocenosis: collaborative installation created alongside Wynne Reynolds. Inspired by the historic work of Maria Sibylla Merian and the scientific connection of host plants, moths, and birds. Link to time-lapse. 

  • birds: cyanotype on fabric, thread, wire
  • caterpillar: ceramic, plaster mold, acrylic stain
  • moth: tea-toned cyanotype on paper, felt, thread, ink
  • cocoons: felt 
  • flower design: laser cut stencil, spray chalk
  • & found object

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