Art + Science Projects and Collaborations: 

Fall 2023 - Little Creatures: Celebrating Insects and Invertebrates, featured artist and planning committee coordinator, Cool Boulder partnership, hosted at Boulder Public Library, CO

Summer 2023 - Art Exhibition: Re-Imagining Conservation, accepted into juried exhibition, Creature Conserve curated, hosted at National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson, WY

Fall-Summer 2023 - Fellow, Creature Conserve Fellowship Program, scholarship for community engagement project, support for PD programs on art and science collaboration

Spring 2022 - Art Exhibition: Re-Examining Conservation, accepted into juried exhibition, Creature Conserve curated, hosted at Granoff Center for the Visual Arts, Brown University 

Winter-Spring 2022 - Mentor, Creature Conserve Mentorship Program, a support system for artists, creative writers, and scientists. Mentee based in India. 

Fall 2021 - Art Exhibition: Cyclical Forces. Solo show considering plant-pollinator connections. 

Fall 2021 - Featured Presenter and Panelist, Plant-Pollinator Connections: Art + Science Webinar Series, hosted online by Endangered Species Coalition

Summer 2021 - Grant Recipient: RET educators funding, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Gothic, CO        

Summer 2021 - Shadowing Artist, Collaborator, and Research Volunteer, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Gothic, CO.   

Summer 2021 - Volunteer Data Collector, Native Bee Watch Community Science Program, Colorado State University Extension Campus.      

Summer 2021 - Social media take-over: Pollinator Week, Instagram for Endangered Species Coalition     

Summer 2021 - Grant Recipient: Community Engagement and Independent Research  through Creature Conserve

Winter 2020 - Social media take-over: Native Bees, Instagram for Creature Conserve and curator resource webpage. 

Fall 2020 - Artist Interview: science-informed artwork and process, Creature Conserve 

Fall 2020 - Art Exhibition: At the Verge. Collaborative show considering four main groups of pollinators. 

Summer 2020 - Art Exhibition: For This Moment. Solo show considering merging pattern and environment.

Summer 2020 - Public art installation: functional solitary bee habitat. Collaborative project. 

Fall 2019 - Art Exhibition: Anthropocene. Solo show considering human impact on natural world.

Fall 2018 - Art Exhibition: Naturally Inclined. Solo show considering endangered species and regulation of public lands. 

2012-2018 - Coordinator of science, art, and cross-disciplinary education experiences. 

2011-2014 - Scientific Illustration: Aquatic Insects. Flyfisher Group, Colorado. 


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