Select Insect Illustrations
Colorado Native Pollinating Insect Health Study

In response to Senate Bill 22-199, the Colorado Department of Natural Resources commissioned a study on native pollinating insects.  

“Pollinators are critical to Colorado's economy, especially agricultural production and food systems. They are also essential for flowering plants that support the State's diverse wildlife ecosystems and add color to Colorado's beautiful landscapes.”

This custom watercolor diagram was created in collaboration with Xerces Society to help visualize the priorities and recommendations outlined in the study. 

People and Pollinators Action Network

Check out the interactive map of pollinating insects across Colorado. Custom illustrations created for educational materials. 

Little Creatures Art Show

Collaboration with the City of Boulder Climate Initiative Department.  The Little Creatures Art Show is "a community celebration featuring art and poetry to honor insects and other invertebrates who make life possible for all of us." Exhibition on view Fall 2023 in the Boulder Public Library Canyon Gallery. 

Custom acrylic painting created for exhibition promotion, demonstrating different environmental functions supported by insects. 

Aquatic Insect Illustrations

Collection of more than 100 colored pencil illustrations of Colorado aquatic insects including mayflies, stoneflies, midges, and select terrestrial insects. Illustrations included multiple life stages for each creature.

Image rights owned by the Flyfisher Group. View the fishing guide recommendations. 

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